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Book Printing & Catalog Printing

When hiring a book and catalog printing company, you must make sure that the company is capable of providing you with excellent printing solutions within your required time frame and budget. As a commercial printing solution provider we are able to carry out your book and Color catalog printing job with state-of-the-art printing equipment that will definitely meet your requirements. In fact, at, you will receive outstanding design and catalog printing services that will tempt your target customers to purchase the products you are promoting in your catalog. Purchase a catalog from and turn a potential customer into a regular customer.

We have been in the field of brochure and cheap catalog printing services for over 24 years – and successfully specializing in many diversified industries – we understand just how important a catalog is to your business. If we design your catalog it will be attractive and make a statement about your business. We also have the latest technology and exceptional technicians in every part of our plants to carry out your catalog printing jobs efficiently and promptly, so you can be sure of a perfect catalog printing solution from that will help you create a brand image for your products and services. 

Catalog Printing

To give you an idea of some of the exceptional services you will receive from we have briefly outlined a few of the features of our catalog printing service:

The most important part of our service is that you can customize your complete catalog printing and delivery process through our online order system. You can select the color options for your catalogs. You can opt for any one of two different sizes and the many paper options that are available for printing your catalogs, not to mention other key details regarding the printing and delivery of your catalogs. Once you have placed your order you can upload your print ready files from our web site. In short, you can customize your entire color catalog printing project from the convenience and comfort of your home or office. We also do custom catalogs so if you don’t see exactly what you want you can request a custom quote.

We can also design your catalog. We have a large team of Pelicans in our design department ready to go to work for you. These pelicans can create an eye catching design for your catalog that will really help your business. Our designers will ensure that the design of the catalog is attractive and just right for the product or service that you are promoting. I know what your thinking. “I didn’t know Pelicans were Graphic Designers”.

Once you are done with the ordering process and send the original files to us, we will send you a proof of your catalog via e-mail. You will recheck the content to make sure everything is just right and then you will sign off. Once you have signed off we will ship your catalogs within 6 business days. At this point many of our customers get excited and choose our faster service. This will increase the cost but speed up the process by 3 days.

We also offer direct mail service. If your catalogs are destined for the mail why not have mail them? This will not only save the shipping cost but get them to your customers and prospects much faster. Does your current catalog printer offer direct mail service? If the answer is no this could be another reason to hire Feel free to talk to our experts about our direct mail service.

Our brochure and catalog printing solutions are very affordable. In addition to these great prices we are currently offering an additional 35% discount. How do we do it? We operate the most efficient plants for cheap catalog printing services, with the latest equipment and we operate 24/7. If you want to see a pelican operate a printing press, then drop by and have a tour of one of our plants. Compare our prices to your local printer and then get your catalog printing form the catalog printer,

Because of all these key factors, our clients keep coming back to Print Pelican for most of their commercial printing solutions. You can too!

“The catalog you did for me, titled the PARADURA Series looks great,” says one of our many satisfied clients, Leah Oates, from . “I just wanted to e-mail you to thank you and everyone else who worked on it. When I make another catalog I will definitely use Print Pelican again and refer others to you. Hope all is well and again thank you."

Please take a moment and Browse our client testimonials.

Book Printing

 Over one billion books are sold every year. These include those used for entertainment as well as professional or educational purposes. Print Pelican is helping individuals in need of full color book printing with their professional or creative goals by providing a new book printing service for a variety of book types


New Horizons

Millions of people search the web for a cost-effective, convenient means of producing their books and manuals. Popular individual searches are for those seeking business book offset printers, textbook printers, comic book printers, coupon book printers, and other types of book printers who cater to their specific needs. Print Pelican has been recognized as a national leader in printing for several years and book printing is another one of our quality services.

The market for catalogs, self-published works, trade books, teacher edition text books, photo books, and professional training manuals has increased over the years with the onset of outlets for mass production of these works. The upcoming Chicago based, Printers Row Book Fair is one example of the types of mediums that have influenced the increase in the amount of book production and distribution in the nation. Print Pelican has the innovative tools to assist those with virtually any type of book printing project need. Our creative short run, on demand color printing services can help one set themselves apart with branding solutions through digital printing.

Roster Printing

Roster printing is a unique service offered by Print Pelican that is extremely useful for classrooms, business management practices, and operations that require one to keep track of listings. Rosters are used on a daily basis by teachers who keep track of classroom students, as well as military personnel, human resource managers, and other professionals. Print Pelican’s support solutions enable fast and accurate roster printing for those in need of this type of continued service.

For Book Printing Needs

Keeping books and other intellectual, creative, or marketing based works in print used to involve keeping huge inventories of materials in warehouses or other storage facilities, which can be an extreme waste of time and money. Modern technology has enabled print on demand options that allow for printing when you need it. With Print Pelican digital printing services, one can print only what they need, and maintain a digital file for their project for future printing needs. Contact us today to get started on your book printing project.


If you too would like to take advantage of our premium brochure and color catalog printing service, just place your order on our online order form and we will take care of the rest. From designing to printing and all the way to the delivery of your catalog, we will make sure that every step of your catalog printing job is executed effectively to leverage the maximum results from our professional cheap catalog printing services. For further details and to order catalog printing you can also call us at our toll free number, 1-800-474-0461.

An eye catching competitively priced catalog printing solution is now just a mouse click away.

Catalogs + Books Printing

How to Place Your Order
STEP 1 Select your printing options to get a price.
STEP 2 Tell us how fast you would like your order processed and shipped.
STEP 3 Tell us how you will be sending your files.  For best results use 300dpi or better image converted to CMYK (use RGB for Publisher 2007). If your file bleeds, please extend the images 1/8 inch beyond crop marks.
STEP 4 Confirm your order and add it to your shopping cart.
We will review your order and send you a proof by email.  After you approve the proof we will process and ship your order.

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